2.14.17 February Sister City Meeting Minutes

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany; Chamonix, France; Davos, Switzerland; Abetone, Italy; Queenstown, New Zealand; Shimukappu, Japan; Bariloche, Argentina


February 14, 2017

In attendance: Diane Godfrey, Anita Moose, Betsy Anne Anastas, Alix Zangrilli, Maria Carbonetti, Elise Cohan, Georgina Levey, Danno Lahr, Trudi Vogt, Jim Korpela, Nancy Gensch, Griff Smith, Kamala Marsh, Jenny Beltman

5:00 pm Call to order & approve minutes: Diane Godfrey, Acting President Welcome guests from Bariloche, Abetone and Garmisch

Diane asked for introductions:
Daniel- ski patrol, German Prep classes
Trudi – former chair, from Garmisch
Jim- Garmisch
Nancy – Garmisch
Griff – Bariloche coordinator
Kamala – liaison Japan
Jenny – committee member and Aspen Elementary School teacher Anita- Aspen Middle School teacher, chaperone, Italian Prep classes Betsy Ann – Middle School coordinators
Georgina – Middle School coordinators
Alix – treasurer
Maria – Aspen Country Day School teacher
Elise – Interviewer
Karinjo – Japan/Davos

Bariloche Aspen High School Exchange:
Thanks to Aspen family hosts: Rigneys, Fergusons, Justisces, Potamkins, and Cathcart families. Marguerita and Juan – Thank you, here for 2 months and 1 week, staying with a family that his brother stayed with 10 years ago, each day in school and skiing on weekends with family, Marguerita comes each day to Kamala’s class to work with students. Taking Algebra, astronomy, art, PE, 3 subjects and 3 electives – teachers are supportive, kids are friendly.

Host John Rigney hosting Juan, wonderful, positive addition to his family.
Host Whitney Justisce hosting Marguerita, easy, positive & great experience.
Host Scotty and Pam Cathcart, had brother of Juan for extended period- wonderful experience.

Abetone Middle School Exchange:
Students and Families
Betsy Ann introduced Manuela – art teacher in Abetone
Alex Tiernan Aspen Country Day School chaperone- Gabriele 3rd time, ski coach, thanks to Rolando, President Student introductions- well done and very positive, wonderful group.
Georgina – in honor of Don Sheeley – we promote world peace with these exchanges.

Students excused.

Diane – moment of silence for Don and Jill Sheeley
Service for Don Thursday February 16th at 4:00 at the Jerome Hotel.
Don’s work has touched so many students, teachers and families in our Community. Don’t take relationships for granted for all who support this program – a wonderful group.

Betsy Ann/Georgina, Middle School Coordinators- Selection Process challenging/efforts the past few weeks
Thanks for your hard work, thanks to teachers, principals ACDS, AMS, ACS
Very effective Selection Process: Blind scoring of essays, double count teacher recommendations, letters go out the end of this week, non-acceptance letters talk about other opportunities.

Diane – be sure to explain the selection process to people in the community; very objective system that has been developed, Betsy Ann/Georgina are doing a great job of getting volunteers and will give a gift card to them.
Elise – reminding people to discuss the high school trips if a student doesn’t get accepted, there are other programs out there

Georgina – Who is appointee with Ski Co for our programs? Georgina will be the student contact, and Diane will be the adult contact. Email them if you have visitors (Matt Hamilton has requested only 2 days rentals) Parents who have difficulty should call Georgina or Diane, not Matt Hamilton. The Tree House will give free lessons to 3 Abetone kids who do not ski. April 3-14 Bariloche students arrive.

Betsy Ann – Garmisch exchange leaves Feb 24th, Danno is teaching German classes; Kate Korn and Kristen Zadrow are chaperones, Queenstown happens in June, Betsy Ann and Georgina are chaperones, next year take a year off due to building a new HS or switch times are year for 2018.

Alix, Treasurer report – vests in adult sizes embroidered for Sister Cities, 90 in adult sizes, Don ordered them as gifts for committee members and dignitaries, we need storage for them, maybe store in Jenny’s classroom. Analysis of costs from last year were done, fees are covering costs adequately for AMS program- look at the program cost and scholarship process. School personnel and approved volunteers should be covered on the insurance program and it is being covered by the public school at this time. It is being discussed how to divide those costs among students/schools equitably, still collecting for 2016 from Aspen Country Day School and Aspen Community School and want to begin to collect in advance, the agreements in the past were verbal. Diane and Alix will draft a document to collect funds from 2016 and have a draft for collecting for 2017. Kamala proposing upping costs for ACS and ACDS because Aspen School District had been paying a great share of the costs for many years and we need to recognize this and thank the school district for their generosity. The committee gives thanks to Alix.

Maria: Scott Hicks at ACDS responded to breakdown of costs positively, notified kids of acceptance at the end of the week.

Jim Korpela: going to Garmisch with family and will check up on students

Danno: Met the kids he is going to teach, focusing on German culture and language, created blogs, honored to participate, chaperones participated, he will do a debrief with students after they return. Oct/Nov is when German students come here. Kids present to Sister Cities committee when they return.

Trudi: congratulations to the committee for your work

Nancy: Large vest for Peter Reece to take to Garmisch, enormous thanks to Jill and Betsy Ann for their help and support for the 1st German student exchange.

Griff: great celebration tonight by having kids here, who should be reference for Abetone? Diane in the next few days, 12th annual medical exchange, 6 doctors, sending a group in May

Kamala: 10 students for Japan- a big class this year
Jenny: Shohei came to event at Jenny’s, fun interviews, summer French she’ll write up notes and discuss Anita: Italian Prep classes ongoing

Diane: Steve Skadron asked about Aspen Sister Cities moving forward, we will need more people in leadership roles, Diane will follow up and we can discuss at future meetings. Anyone interested in a leadership role, please contact Diane directly. Diane’s email: dagodfrey21@yahoo.com

Meeting adjourned 6:30pm
Minutes by Anita Moose/Diane Godfrey

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