Chronology Bariloche 2017- English

January 2017

Juan Ruiz Blanco and Margarita Sas Cané, both high school students from Bariloche, came to Aspen and enrolled in junior level classes at Aspen High School for the third quarter. Margarita stayed with the Justice family and the Potamkin family while Juan stayed with the Rigney and Ferguson families. All of these families have junior level high school students who will be traveling to Bariloche in June to participate in the Intensive Spanish Language Program. Two of them will be staying at the homes of Juan and Margarita.


February 2017

A group of five medical professionals visited Aspen as part of the Aspen Bariloche Medical Exchange Program. As in the past, the participants did peer-study at Aspen Valley Hospital and Valley View Hospital. For recreational activities they skied on Aspen Mountain and Snowmass courtesy of the Aspen Skiing Company. This year’s participants were Physical Therapy: Enrique Santillan, Pharmacy: Marcela Gil, Nutrition: Lic. Mercedes Terceño, Anesthesia: Marisa Capdevila, MD, Orthopedics: Tomas Trapani, MD and Ernest Barbeito, MD.


April 2017

A group of 15 students from Bariloche visited Aspen for 10 days. The Aspen students who hosted these students in their homes will travel to Bariloche in October to stay in the homes of the same students. This year’s chaperones were Mariana Domecq and Mauro Cavagnola.

Each student brought back a helmet and a pair of goggles for “Esqui Escolar”, a ski program for low income public schools in Bariloche. These were donated by Aspen businesses, individuals and the Thrift Store.


Florencia Garaicochea concluded her exchange ski patrol experience. She worked the whole ski season at Aspen Highlands, but also visited Aspen Mountain, Snowmass Mountain, Telluride, and Utah.


May 2017

A group of medical professionals conducted the 15th annual medical exchange program to Bariloche. Participants were Alyssa Franklin, Pharm D, MBA, Krista Fox, OTR/L, Head Injury Team Coordinator, Kimberly Kurr, PT, DPT, PCS, Mark Purnell, MD, and Griff Smith. The mayor of Bariloche presented Dr. Purnell a certificate as Honorary Guest in recognition of the fifteen years of continues service to Hospital Zonal Ramón Carrillo and the community of Bariloche.


June 2017

A group of six Aspen High School students traveled to Bariloche for three week of our Intensive Language Program. While there they stayed with local families and studied Spanish language intensively. Their days were completely full with formal language classes and a wide variety of “excursions” led by their Spanish teachers. The emphasis was to always converse in Spanish. The students were also involved in a community service project of painting a mural on a hallway wall in the public hospital. Their chaperone was their high school Spanish teacher, Alex Reginelli.


July 2017

Aspen Snowmass ski patrolman, Robert “Monkey” Dasaro began working for Cerro Catedral Alta Patagonia as part of our annual ski exchange program. He was accompanied by his eleven year old son, who was enrolled in the Woodville School.


August 2017

The Aspen Rotary Club in conjunction with the Club Rotary Nahuel Huapi, through their Global Grant Program donated USD 32,000.00 worth of equipment to three rural hospitals along what is called the Linea Sur. All equipment donated was specifically requested by the directors of each rural hospital. The hospitals of of Comallo, Ingeniero Jacobacci and Pilcaniyeu received the following equipment: 1 electrocardio graph machine, 1 monitor, 1 cardio defibulator , 2 ecographs, 1 laboratory oven, 1 autoclave, 1 orthopedic saw, 1 freezer, 1 emergency telephone, and 1 microscope.


October 2017

The traditional student exchange program was conducted to Bariloche. Fifteen Aspen eighth grade students visited the Bariloche students who came to Aspen in the spring and stayed in their homes. This year, with the support of the Aspen Science Center, the students presented a “science night” at one of the public schools. At this event the student performed simple science demonstrations meant to expose young learners to some basic scientific principles. The chaperones were Anita Moose and Catarina Gibson. Each Aspen student took with them Bariloche a helmet and a pair of goggles for “Esqui Escolar”. In the past 3 years we have donated nearly 100 helmets and goggles to this community program.


September 27- October 2, 2017

Aspen artist and executive manager of “The Art Base” in Basalt, Genna Moe, visited Bariloche for an artist exchange. During her visit she offered an art class, where she also got to show her work, and gave a talk sharing her expertise on supporting cultural activity in the communities. Genna met many of the members of the Artists Association of Bariloche and got to know their work at their own studios and art shows. She also visited Cre-Arte, a non-profit organization that offers cultural activities to people with disabilities. Valeria Fiala and Paula Fisher, who had participated in the Aspen artist exchange, were in charge of arranging this interesting and active agenda. Bariloche sculptor Carlos Iriarte, generously offered accommodation to Genna and her husband during the exchange. Genna expressed interest in having Bariloche artists show their art at “The Art Base” in the near future.



November 2017

Bariloche ski patrolman Fernando Ledesma arrived in Aspen to begin working at the Snowmass Ski Area for the season. He was joined in December by his wife and two children.

This is the sixth consecutive ski patrol exchange conducted with Bariloche.


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