2.14.18 February Sister City Meeting Minutes

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany; Chamonix, France; Davos, Switzerland; Abetone, Italy;
Queenstown, New Zealand; Shimukappu, Japan; Bariloche, Argentina


Date February 14, 2018 @ 4:30 pm

In attendance: Danno Lahr, Elise Cohen, Maria Carbonetti, Anita Moose, Griff Smith, Lala Caffarone, Jenny Beltman, Karinjo DeVore, Betsy Ann Anastas

Guests: Katherine Lutz, part-time Chamonix resident

Johnny Roland citizen

Josh Gantz, AVSC


  1. Call Meeting to order at 4:33
  2. Danno moved on motion to approve funding for dinner upcoming Bariloche Medical Exchange. (See City report Bariloche at bottom) 8 participants, dinner at the Red Onion, Tuesday, Feb 27th at 6pm and anyone who wants to come RSVP to Griff.
  • Jenny seconded
  • Vote and approved
  1. Danno made a motion approve January minutes. Seconded by Anita. Approved.


We did not have a quorum so we were not able to vote/approve items. These items will be voted on or reviewed in March.

  1. Approve February minutes.
  2. Danno made a motion to approve meal reimbursement for our Aspen Sister City student exchange chaperones when meals are not provided or chaperones are not hosted according to and not exceeding the Aspen School District criteria upon receipt.
  • Elise seconded. Betsy Ann – It would only be in situations where the chaperone must buy their own dinner.
  • Karinjo suggested that she they collect receipts and get reimbursed.
  • Betsy Ann that we use the Aspen School District’s per diem.
  • Elise asked how this would be paid for, out of the general budget or the student exchange budget.
  • Vote/approved –
  1. Sharing of Minutes from Board of Directors and Advisory Board retreat of : January 16, 201 covering:
  • Transparency- in operations/Bylaws, in finances- City/schools, programs, Budget 2018
  • Build International Exchanges/partners- community outreach, new programs, student exchanges, patrol exchanges, medical exchange.
  • Website as central hub- communications & membership
  1. Name Change to Aspen Snowmass Sister Cities
  • Open the floor for discussion – What is involved in changing the name? Do we have to change our LLC and also the website? We do not have a quorum and will postpone our vote.
  1. Move on motion to approve travel stipend for Abetone Ski Patrol Citizens exchange. Discussion about the precedent this might set. Perhaps we need to clear up our bylaws and financials before we make a move on voting on a stipend.
  2. City of Aspen Farmer’s Market Booth. The City of Aspen is securing a booth at the Aspen Summer Farmer’s Market to get the word out about various City programs.  CORE will use the booth one day a month. I’m writing to see if you or your department has a program or general information you want to get the word out about. If you are interested, please let me know and a date, if you have a preference, Market runs June 16- October 7. Available dates: June 16, June 23, June 30, July 7, July 14, July 21, July 28, August 4, August 11, August 18, August 25th, August 4, August 11, August 18, August 29th, October 6th. Mitzi Rapkin
  • Discussion: We will discuss and decide next month. July and the first two weeks of August would be good.
  1. Betsy Ann reported about the Student Exchange – 56 kids applied and 36 were chosen. April 3-14 Bariloche kids will be here.
  2. Maria – She will organize an chaperone dinner while the Bariloche students are here. Only the visiting chaperones will be paid for. Committee and past chaperones pay for their own dinner.
  3. Anita made a motion to adjourn at 5:35 pm
  • Elise seconded
  • meeting adjourned



Abetone report for February:

Abetone Ski Patrol visit was great success, Enrico and Daniela visited 3 weeks, stayed with 3 host families. Share locker room with Chamonix and Bariloche Patroller. Jimmy Newman is currently exchanging in Abetone. The Citizens exchange is unpaid, internally hosted and has no visa involved.


Bariloche report for February:

Medical Exchange

The annual medical exchange program will be here from February 25 to March 5.  This is the 16th year of the program! Density, anesthesia, physical therapy, pediatrics, orthopedics and hospital administration will be represented by the eight invited participants.   Traditionally, Aspen Sister Cities has hosted a dinner for the guests from Bariloche. We would like to, again, ask for committee approval for funds for this function. The dinner will be held at the Red Onion on Tuesday, February 27.  We are asking for financial support for the eight participants only. All other guests will be asked to pay for their share of the dinner.


Cultural Exchange in September

We had a meeting with the art committee and Genna Moe to discuss our next exchange. Tentative dates are between Sept 5th and 15th (TBC). We will have two musicians coming and possibly two artists. Missy Pruden offered accommodation for two people. We might need to approach some hotel in town if the other two travelers confirm.


Challenge Aspen Marathon to be held in Bariloche in October

We have been working with the Challenge Aspen marathon team, arranging logistics for their trip to Bariloche and acting as nexus between them and the race director. They will soon make the official announcement of their fundraising marathon in Bariloche that will take place on October 28th.


Chamonix report for February:

Under the mandate stated in the bylaws under article 3.5 the president proposes to appoint Jenny Beltman as co-coordinator for Chamonix.

We need to make some moves on doing something on the long overdue celebration of the 30 year anniversary. There is a proposal to invite 3-4 Chamoniards to provide their dream itinerary (‘Sejour ideal’) and host them and fulfill their dream itinerary as well as we can with the help of the chamber.

The format:

Concours de Jumlage


Davos report for February: None

Garmisch-Partenkirchen report for February: None

Queenstown report for February: None

Shimukappu report for February: None

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