4.11.18 April Sister City Meeting Minutes

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany; Chamonix, France; Davos, Switzerland; Abetone, Italy;
Queenstown, New Zealand; Shimukappu, Japan; Bariloche, Argentina


1) Transparency- in operations/Bylaws, in finances- City/schools programs, Budget 2018

2) Build International Exchanges/partners- community outreach, new programs, student exchanges, patrol exchanges, medical exchange

3) Website as central hub- communications & membership



April 11, 2018 @ 4:30 pm

Members In attendance:

President: Danno Lahr

Vice-President: Elise Cohen

Secretary: Anita Moose

Treasurer: exofficio

City Council Representative: Ward Hauenstein

Sister Cities Coordinators

Abetone: Chair: Jill Sheeley

Bariloche: Chair: Griff Smith Co-chair: Lala Caffarone

Chamonix: Chair: absent

Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Chair: Nancy Gensch

Queenstown: Chair: Jill Sheeley

Shimukappu:Chair: absent

Davos:Chair: absent

Sister Cities Student Coordinators: Betsy Ann Anastas

Members at Large: Jenny Beltman, Maria Carbonetti, Diane Godfrey


Aspen students, Bariloche students, parents and Bariloche chaperones


Meeting Minutes:

President:  Meeting was called to order at 4:33 pm. No quorum but Griff suggested we vote anyway as in the past.

Action Items:

  1. Farmer’s Market – Decide on dates to approve with Betsy Ann 2 dates for students in July, Betsy Ann and Georgina will look at dates and supervise
    • Create posters and do a membership drive
    • Anita will contact Mitzi to see what’s available and get it on the calendar
    • Anita/Danno will try to get membership available on line on the website
  2. Sister Cities International in Denver is $550 per person, Aug 3-5, 2018
    • Jill Sheeley has been previously. It’s very valuable to meet others, great information, and learn what other cities are going. In the past two people have been sent and paid for by Sister Cities.
    • Interested in going: Danno, Elise, Betsy Ann, Diane, and Georgina and Rolando from Abetone
    • Typically Aspen Sister Cities paid the entry fee and the attendees pay for hotels.
    • Youth who have already done an exchange were selected to go in the past.
    • Deadline is April 30th for early bird registration
    • What is the date to withdraw registration without being charged?

Danno made a motion to approve 5 members attending (Vote 4 members + Rolando), seconded Betsy Ann, unanimously approved


5:00 pm Bariloche Student Introductions:

Betsy Ann introduced the group. Chaperones Corina Boge  & Bea Blanco

Aspen students introduced their Bariloche students and the Bariloche students shared what they like about Aspen.

Group Discussion

Finances and Treasurer Discussion:

Executive Board met to discuss treasurer position and finances. Alix has resigned her position and handed it over to Mike Marolt’s accounting firm has offered to take over the books. Mike will be our interim treasurer until we get our books in order, about 2 months. He has access to all Quickbooks, the desktop version, bank accounts, and requesting file of reconciliation reports. He can save us money on audit fees.

Elise Cohen: We could get a liason to report back to the board.

Betsy Ann: Will he help us if we’re using the online version of QuickBooks?

Elise Cohen: After Mike looks at everything makes recommendations, we will continue the conversation. Betsy Ann can contact Mike with questions.

Danno: $75 per hour is what he charges but can use interns at a reduced rate and has a non-profit rate.

Diane: I will follow up and discuss with Roger and Mike about the book keeping.

Scholarship Discussion:

Betsy Ann: A financial committee might be needed. In the past, based on family income, scholarships  were awarded. 5 people have applied for scholarships and all would be awarded something using the chart that Betsy Ann shared. Must earn at least $350 for Ducky Derby to receive the scholarship. Scholarship funds come from yearly membership fees. We can have more discussion as we learn more from our accountant.

We would like to try to continue to encourage people to renew their membership when it is up for renewal. We could also ask for an alumni membership.

Ideas for the future: We could have a membership coordinator. Make it a stipended position or an administrative assistant.

Proposed Bylaws are under Forums on the website. Danno will do a training for the website. How can we get more presence on the website? Danno will put out some dates in May 14 or later.

Meeting Date changes:

Suggestion that we try second Thursday of the month.


Elise received a Pimsler donation and will give it to Kamala and write a donation receipt.

Griff: We have a question about an Abetone AHS exchange family needed. Can we get the word out? Diane will contact Tharyn and ask him how he wants to proceed.

Action Items:

  1. Danno made a motion to approve February Minutes after Johnny Roland name correction is made, seconded Anita, approved unanimously
  2. Anita made Motion to adjourn, Elise Seconded, approved unanimously


Next Meeting:

Add another meeting this month – April 25th at 4:30, location to be determined. We will try to pull all old agenda items. Anita will check for Sister Cities room availability for April 25th and check for Thursdays.


City Reports:


Jill Sheeley has contacted her 2 country liaisons to see if they’d be interested in coming to the Annual Sister Cities International Conference in Denver in August.

Jill Sheeley has an opportunity for a high school student to come from Abetone, Italy next year. She is looking for one or two local families to host. Please contact Jill at: jillsheeleybooks@gmail.com if you’re interested in hosting starting August, 2018.

Griff’s back!

Bariloche: – Student Exchange is taking place

– Planning is continuing for the Artist Exchange, the Medical Exchange and the Challenge Aspen Marathon (September/ October)


Compagnie du Mt Blanc delegation visited


Still looking for coordinator


Jill Sheeley has contacted her 2 country liaisons to see if they’d be interested in coming to the Annual Sister Cities International Conference in Denver in August

Shimukappu: none

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