5.9.18 May Sister City Meeting Minutes

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany; Chamonix, France; Davos, Switzerland; Abetone, Italy;
Queenstown, New Zealand; Shimukappu, Japan; Bariloche, Argentina


May 9, 2018 @ 4:30 pm


1) Transparency- in operations/Bylaws, in finances- City/schools, programs, Budget 2018

2) Build International Exchanges/partners- community outreach, new programs, student exchanges, patrol exchanges, medical exchange

3) Website as central hub- communications & membership

Members In attendance:

President: absent

Vice-President: Elise Cohen

Secretary: Anita Moose

Treasurer: exofficio

Aspen City Council Representative: Ward Hauenstein

Snowmass Representative: Markley Butler

Sister Cities Coordinators

Abetone: Chair: Jill Sheeley

Bariloche: Chair: Griff Smith Co-chair: Lala Caffarone

Chamonix: Chair: John Armstrong

Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Chair: absent

Queenstown: Chair: Jill Sheeley

Shimukappu:Chair: Kamala Marsh

Davos:Chair: absent

Sister Cities Student Coordinators: Georgina Levey (present), Betsy Ann Anastas (present)

Members at Large: Jenny Beltman (present), Maria Carbonetti (absent), Diane Godfrey (absent)

Guests: Aspen Students & Parents and Chamonix Exchange Students and Chaperones, writer Catherine Lutz and photographer Anna Stonehouse


Presentation of Chamonix students and Aspen Student Presentation

Approval of Minutes from April 25, 2018 meeting

Vote on name change

Meeting day change to third Thursday at 4:30pm starting June 21st

Vote on meal reimbursement for student exchange chaperones

Report on Chamonix trip from Jenny Beltman


Meeting Minutes:

Aspen Students & Parents and Chamonix Exchange Students and Chaperones presentations

Vice – President: Meeting was called to order at 4:57pm.  

  1. Minutes were discussed and a conversation about transparency and that the minutes of the Feb 7, 2018 executive board were not posted and shared. Anita apologized for not promptly posting the minutes. It was an oversight.

We need to have our own organizational guidelines about banking and we should look into having two signers on accounts.

Mike is working on books and we need to take a pause and wait until the audit is done. Mike Marolt will be back June 2nd.

Jim True, the city attorney, has offered to meet with Danno for general over protocol with boards. He has also offered to go over the bylaws with us as we adjust them. Tara Nelson will set up a time for Jim and Danno.

Ward Hauenstein: Would we like to have a meeting to discuss both Don Taylor or someone from finance and Jim True with the committee or just a few select people?

Perhaps do an RFP. request for proposal, and selecting a bank with an open and transparent process.

Markey Butler: Do we have financial policies? We need to create them.

Jill made a motion to approve minutes, Betsy Ann seconded, and minutes approved unanimously.

  1. Name change

Discussion: It has been discussed and perhaps voted on but we can’t find any minutes to confirm. What is the expense and work that would be necessary and incurred by changing the name? We need to change for Abetone anyway. We can use the one that the city just created. There was $2500 granted from Snowmass last week and also the year before. With a name change there would be more of a commitment from Snowmass. Alyssa Shenk is a back up but Markey would be our representative from Snowmass attending our monthly meetings. There are many Snowmass students who participate and we still feel we need more clarity on this.

Elise moved to continue seeking answers to the above questions. John Armstrong seconded. Motion carried.

  1. Meeting day change

Elise Cohen made a motion to move the meeting to the second Thursday at 5:00pm starting June 14th, with exception of exchange presentations when we will start at 4:30pm. Jill seconded. Motion carried.

(Action: Anita will book room with Mitzi at 4:30-6pm the second Thursday of the month and put them on the Sister Cities Calendar.)


  1. Vote on meal reimbursement for student exchange chaperones

Discussion: Review of previous conversations. $100 stipend before they go might be easiest for bookkeeping purposes for any where chaperone doesn’t stay with host family.

John Armstrong made motion to approve $100 stipend for any chaperone doesn’t stay with host family on student trips. Elise Cohen seconded. Motion carried.


  1. Bylaws

Proposed Bylaws Committee: Bill Stirling, Ward Hauenstein, Diane Godfrey (chair?), Markey Butler, Anita Moose, Griff Smith


Group Discussion:

Farmers Market

Anita Moose: We have booked the Farmer’s Market table on July 28 and September 1st. Betsy Ann and Georgina will take July 28 with students and we need commitment to help on September 1st. Lala will be there in the afternoon and Anita will be there in the morning. Markey can also come in the morning, and Kamala will help in the afternoon. John may be able to stop by also, and Jenny might also be there.

Ward Hauenstein: Good conversation tonight and transparency and discussion is healthy and we have city support to help us.

Georgina Levey: Exchanges are difficult. She wants to talk about a raise. More time and energy is needed. Maybe a committee is needed to make things easier.

Markey: Thank you for everyone’s work and thanks for being patient.

Lala Caffarone: Maybe coordinators could help out with the student exchanges to ease workload for student exchange coordinators.

John: Thank you for working so hard on finances and all the efforts.

Betsy Ann: Thank you for working so hard.

Kamala: Thank you for everyone’s hard work.

Meeting adjourned: 6:10 pm


Future/Parking Lot:

Vote on changing bylaws so all committee members can vote

Vote on Scholarship guidelines (get documents to members)

Vote on adopting mission statement

Vote on articles 1 and 2 in bylaws



Abetone report: Host families have been coordinated for the HS student. Jill is working on getting certified from Sister Cities International.

Bariloche report: Bariloche: 5/7/18 Meeting with Missy Prudden and Genna Moe, who will be assisting with the agenda for the Cultural Exchange in Aspen September 7-15.

Chamonix report:

Davos report:

Garmisch-Partenkirchen report: Georgina: Working with Nancy on being the interim Garmisch coordinator.

Queenstown report:

Shimukappu report: Students are ready to go in the fall and they might start classes now rather than right before they leave which is different than in the past. Kamala will chaperone with her sister Bente. We may need to vote in June for the English teacher position in Shimukappu and Tom is there until March 2019. He is requesting to stay longer.

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