7.28.18 Sister Cities Meeting Minutes

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany; Chamonix, France; Davos, Switzerland; Abetone, Italy;
Queenstown, New Zealand; Shimukappu, Japan; Bariloche, Argentina


July 28, 2018 @ 5:00 pm


1) Transparency- in operations/Bylaws, in finances- City/schools, programs, Budget 2018

2) Build International Exchanges/partners- community outreach, new programs, student exchanges, patrol exchanges, medical exchange

3) Website as central hub – communications & membership

Members In attendance:

President: Danno Lahr

Vice-President: Elise Cohen

Secretary: Anita Moose

Treasurer: Morris Hogan

Aspen City Council Representative: Ward Hauenstein

Snowmass Representative: Markey Butler (absent)

Sister Cities Coordinators

Abetone: Chair: Jill Sheeley

Bariloche: Chair: Griff Smith Co-chair: Lala Caffarone

Chamonix: Chair: John Armstrong

Garmisch-Partenkirchen: Chair: Georgina Levey

Garmisch-Partenkirchen Assistant to Chair: Anthony Lewin

Queenstown: Chair: Jill Sheeley

Shimukappu:Chair: Kamala Marsh (absent)

Davos:Chair: Karinjo DeVore

Sister Cities Student Coordinators: Georgina Levey, Betsy Ann Anastas

Members at Large: Jenny Beltman, Maria Carbonetti (absent), Diane Godfrey (absent)



Erin Lewin

Stokes Volatile

Chrissy Debono


  1. Approval of minutes from July 12th
  2. Griff on SCI (Sister Cities International) Award: Most innovative program
  3. Upcoming SCI Conference
  4. Farmers market presence this weekend


Action Items:

Danno Lahr, President:  Meeting was called to order at 5:05 pm.

Motion to approve minutes from July 12, 2018 by Danno Lahr. Seconded by Jenny Beltman. Minutes were approved.

Danno Lahr: Motion to approve Jenny Beltman as Chamonix co-chair. Jill Seconded the motion. Approved.


Anita Moose: I hope to get all old meeting minutes that I received from Ada Christensen up by next week (now all are on the website in chronological order).

Ward Hauenstein: The City Clerk may be able to upload old paper minutes that Jill has given Diane. We can ask Nicole or Linda in the clerk’s office.

Sister Cities International Conference:

Congratulations Griff Smith, Lala Cafarone and ALL who support the Bariloche Exchange and Sister Cities to make the Most Innovative Program Award possible!

Griff Smith: reporting on SCI Award –  Most Innovative Program has been awarded to us.

Upon the urging of Pat Fallon, Griff Smith applied. We are being recognized for 2018 innovation for technology in education exchange awarded at the upcoming SCI conference on Saturday 7:30 am.

Griff would encourage us to apply for Best Overall Program. It didn’t take that long to do the application, and would include just giving examples of what we do.

Katherine Lutz has given us PR in the past, and Griff would like her email for another to do another article. (Anita shared it with him.)

Who is attending the conference:

Elise, Betsy Ann, Betsy Ann, Danno and Griff will be attending the Sister Cities International Conference and Karinjo is attending and a part of a panel. Georgina can go if there is an open space for a day or so.

Danno Lahr: What would you all like to know more about?

Discussion: Please give a synopsis of the conference to us when you return.

John Armstrong: I would like to know more about people are using for citizen exchanges for adults and how.

Jill Sheeley: We’d like more information on the youth exchange and delegation.

Group Discussion:

Farmer’s Market Presence Sat July 28th

Georgina will man the tent most of the day until 2 pm and Betsy Ann will be there after that. Danno will be there until about noon. Betsy Ann has flyers, posters, and a Sister Cities flag to display is in the Sister Cities room. Georgina will do set up.

Georgina Levey: Student participating in the exchange will be at the Farmer’s Market this Saturday. For students who show up and help, they can sell their own ducks for Ducky Derby.

Queenstown report:

Queenstown was a great exchange and a great group with only a few little hiccups. The group really pulled together. Kate Korn was a great chaperone, and she would like to go back next June. Rachel (in Garmisch) will take over as the chair in Queenstown after the group comes here in January. Jill Sheeley did great planning for the trip.

I met Josh Gantz while there at the ski area and also met with the mayor which is the first in a while. The people in Queenstown have been really supportive and are volunteers so they were great in coordinating this trip.

Shimukappu report: from Georgina

Tomamu is now owned by a Chinese company and the locals are not receiving as much of a benefit from the resort.

Abetone report:

Jill Sheeley: Queenstown is coming in January. I’ve been working with Griff on the exchange student from Abetone here which has been challenging.

Danno: Can you give a bullet list of what the challenges were?

Jill Sheeley: Sister Cities International has to help with visas, and it is difficult.

Bariloche report:

Griff Smith: Bariloche has 3 events coming up, at the end of September 7 medical practitioners are heading to Bariloche, 4 are invited to a National conference and they are presenting.

Action Item:

Danno Lahr: Made motion to grant $500 to Griff for the exchange to Bariloche. Jill seconded. Motion approved.


Should we allow more since we haven’t increased the amount? We should reassess and bring to a future meeting.

Lala Caffarone: The Art and Music Exchange is Sept 7-15 with 3 guests. The Art Exchange in Basalt and the Pitkin County library will have an event and maybe ACES and the Farmer’s Market on September 15th. Accommodations are made. Georgina arranged Gondola tickets for them. Meals will be covered in homes as much as possible. One night will be dinner at the Red Onion and it will be announced.

Bariloche Challenge Aspen Marathon is Oct 28 including 25 runners and about 40 total people. Challenge Aspen helped to create the adaptive program here.


Georgina Levey: Can we widen our Art exchange and bring in other artists from our other Sister Cities?

Jill Sheeley: We used to do that and it was amazing. They did an art contest in different cities and whoever won in that city, they sold their work and used it to come to Aspen. There was a town party with music and art work was sold and paid for some of the week’s expenses. Peggy Mason was the organizer.

Jenny Beltman: I will discuss with Challenge Aspen about another Marathon in another Sister City on Monday at the Challenge Aspen Gala.


Garmisch-Partenkirchen report:

Anthony Lewin: He brought his wife and two other colleagues and has met with Georgina about the passion play in two years.

Georgina Levey: 3 priorities are hotels, travel arrangements, and tickets go on sale in October. I will share the local contacts with Anthony.

Danno: What is the expectation from Sister Cities?

Georgina Levey: Erin Lewin, Anthony’s wife, is a graphic designer and might help with a flyer. We talked about creating a flyer and putting something on our webpage, using Dagmire’s links to garner interest, perhaps letting people know through the churches first and to the people who support us. We are hoping to have something to share at the next meeting. We would create a Google Form to see who is interested. We’re proposing the 3rd week of June or the second week of September would be the potential dates in 2020. We don’t know costs yet.

Chamonix report:

John Armstrong/Jenny Beltman: Nothing to report as it’s holiday in Chamonix.

Davos report: NA



Karinjo Devore: At SCI, I will be on a panel Friday on mountain sustainability at the Sister Cities International Conference. An award was won in the past by us. The flag that was shown last week is the official flag and is in the Council Chambers. We gave one to each of our Sister Cities. Abetone was not a Sister City at that time. Many people would love to have an original one but only 100 were created. Jill has the extras and they were sold for about $500 each, and they are very valuable.

They (small flags) are being sold at Carl’s. The City (attorney) is looking into copyright as Aspen Sister Cities was supposed to receive some funds from each one sold.

Jill Sheeley: I will inventory the flags and we could send them (Abeone) a flag, but maybe not an embroidered one.

Danno Lahr: Would we like vests to sell at Challenge Aspen Gala? We should consider what we want to do with them.

Jill Sheeley: The vests were designed to give to dignitaries when they come here.

Ward Hauenstein: I talked to Jim True about copyright. Could we perhaps spread the wealth about where we take dignitaries to eat when they come to visit such as the Aspen Public House?

Unanimous yes!

Elise Cohen: Morris Hogan has the checkbook now. Email Morris Hogan for expenses that need reimbursed. We need to consider a process, but usually you have a writer and a signer. He is waiting on the books from Mike Marolt.

Georgina Levey: (to Morris) Can you make a list of what things we should consider if we need two signers?

Betsy Ann Anastas: Morris has been added to the three students accounts.


Other comments/questions:

Christina Debona: I’m from Australia, visited Japan, and it’s great to see what you’re doing.

Stokes Volatile: I’m very interested in getting involved in the program.



Can we continue to do meetings every two weeks? Let’s meet every two weeks for now with the second Thursday of each month a priority.

Anita Moose: I want to reiterate that I cannot organize the Bylaws.

Discussion: Anyone can be on the committee. Let’s set a date.


Action Item:

Danno motion to add one attendee to SCI, Georgina Levey. Anita seconded. Motion passed.

Bylaws Committee: All interested in being on the committee will meet 4 pm Aug 9th (modified to 4:30 because the room is unavailable until 4:30 on Aug 9), then again on Sept 13th at 4:00 pm.

Action Item:

Danno motion to adjourn at 6:15 pm. Seconded by Anita. Motion passed.

Future/Parking Lot:


Important Upcoming Events:


Aug 9th, 4:30 pm Bylaws Committee

Aug 9th, 5:00 pm regular meeting

Aug 23rd, 5:00 pm regular meeting



Sept 1st Aspen Sister Cities Booth at Farmer’s Market (who is helping?)

Sept 7-15 Bariloche Art and Music Exchange, 3 artists visiting

Sept 13th, 4:00 pm Bylaws Committee

Sept 13th, 5:00 pm regular meeting

September 15th at Farmer’s Market – Bariloche Musicians will perform

Sept 27th, 5:00 pm regular meeting


Minutes submitted by Anita Moose.

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