Aspen Bariloche Student Exchange 2019

Fifteen students from Bariloche visited Aspen for nearly two weeks as part of the annual student exchange program.  The students came from Woodville School, San Patricio School, and Capraro School.  These fifteen students will host the same eighth grade students that hosted them when the Aspen students travel to Bariloche in October.  The two chaperones were Nora Schultz from Capraro and Maggie Villa from Woodville.

Fourteen eighth grade students and two chaperones conducted the annual student exchange to Bariloche.  These students stayed in the homes of Bariloche students who visited Aspen in April of this year.  As been a recent custom, each student carried a ski helmet and a pair of ski goggles to donate to the Bariloche Esquí Escolar program.  This year’s chaperones were Michaela Idhammar and Sarah Lender.

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