The Executive Committee

Danno Lahr
responsible for seeing that the organization is properly staffed and functioning in accordance with these bylaws and with policies established by the BOD. S/he shall conduct the meetings of the BOD and general membership and is an ex-officio member of all committees of the organization.
Vice President
Elise Cohen
shall perform the duties of the president in his/her absence or incapacitation, reviews the monthly meeting minutes, participates in Sister Cities International, and oversees the Student Exchange Coordinators.
Anita Moose
shall be at all meetings, keep and distribute accurate records of the proceedings, and maintain the records of the organization. The Secretary shall provide notice of each meeting to the BOD and general membership. S/he shall keep up-to-date address/telephone/email rosters for paid members (from the treasurer), and other non-member businesses, officials, and individuals with an interest in the Sister Cities activities. The secretary will update the webpage with minutes and scheduled monthly meetings.

Ex Officio

Attend meetings & provide general input. Write checks from the general account as needed. Keep general account books in QuickBooks, File taxes as required. Prepare the annual budget.

The City Coordinators.

To support the sister city international mission statement of promoting peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation – one individual, one community at a time by facilitating exchanges between Aspen Sister Cities.

Jill Sheeley


Griff Smith and Lala Caffarone


John Armstrong


Nancy Gensch


Jill Sheeley


Kamala Marsh


Karinjo Devore

A quorum consists of a majority of the Directors.

4 Executive seats + 7 Cities = 11


Majority 5 or 6?


Student Exchange Coordinators


Betsy-Ann Anastas
Georgina Levey
Manage student exchange budget, which includes timely collecting all fees, taking care of banking procedures, and maintaining Quickbook records
Report to Sister Cities Committee at monthly meetings and other stakeholders, which includes city coordinators
Communicate regularly with administrators at all three participating schools regarding exchange process
Promote student exchange programs at participating schools in Aspen area
Facilitate student application process (including interviews and communication for selections)
Coordinate all fundraising efforts for student programs
Coordinate travel arrangements for student groups visiting other countries and all activities for student groups that visit Aspen
Act as liaison and advocate for students and their host families throughout the year of participation
Coordinate teachers to facilitate/teach the student language/culture classes

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